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Calypso User Days & Partners Day 2023, Venice-Italy

Calypso User Days & Partners Day 2023, Venice-Italy

On 28 and 29 September 2023, Venice will once again be at the centre of the Calypso universe as we host both our annual Partners Day and our User Days.
The Partners Day is the platform for suppliers who are members of CNA to come together and discuss their innovations, projects and applications built on Calypso.
The Calypso User Days provide an opportunity for all CNA’s stakeholders and users to discuss their contactless ticketing needs and experiences with Calypso as they respond to the challenges facing urban transit. It is also an occasion to learn about the most recent Calypso innovations and hear from an exciting line-up of speakers from across the ticketing ecosystem.

Included in our agenda is:

A presentation of the Venice ticketing project,

MaaS and digitalisation (of course!), but also how to manage the evolution of ticketing systems efficiently,

Certification: an additional complexity or a necessity for the smooth operation of your ticketing system?

Will open payments and digitalisation cause travel cards to be phased out?

National ticketing schemes and how the concept is developing all over the world,

Calypso as an NFC technology enabler beyond public transport,

The latest news on the Calypso standard: technical updates and current deployments.

Confirmed speakers :  ACTV, Asstra, Avm Venice, BMC Belgium Mobility Card, CETUD Dakar, Club Italia, CTS Strasbourg,  ENBI Angola, Île-de-France Mobilités, Interparking, NFC Forum, SEMOVI Mexico, Smart Ticketing Alliance, SNCF, STIB Brussels, TML Lisbon, TPBI Bucharest, Unicocampania, Visa, ASIS, Cubic, FIME, HID Global, Paycert, SETEC, and more to come …   More information in our website: visit here